• Preparation is essential for any garden to start and thrive to its best. It is important to do this with much care. The steps followed must also be the right ones. All this will result to a very beautiful piece that will be admired greatly.


    To have a garden is not enough. The purpose of the garden is the basis of its formation. This will give guidelines on how the entire garden will look like when finished. The methods used in designing a new garden are all dictated by the purpose of the garden. Different gardens have different purposes and thus designed differently.

    Type of garden

    There are numerous types of gardens. Kitchen gardens and butterfly gardens are some of them. Others lawns are such as cutting gardens as well as gardens that bring a desired feeling, like privacy or even calmness. They may be designed as forests or even caves to have the effects they were created.


    The location of the garden is one factor that must be considered carefully. It is dictated by the sole purpose of the garden. There are those that are by the front door while others form part of the back yard. Others are created far from the main house and act as secret rooms where one can relax and enjoy peace and nature.

    Soil preparation

    Soil preparation is an important aspect in designing a new garden. It is vital that one knows the kind of soil the land has. Some soils are acidic while others are basic. Test different areas of the land as they may have different types of soil. This will ensure that the right vegetation is planted. It also ensures that the plants thrive to their best.


    The right vegetation depends on a number of aspects. Climate is the principal aspect. Soil type will also affect the plants that are to grow in the garden. The use of the garden is also taken into consideration as to which plants will be placed in the garden.

    Other features

    There are features that could be included in the garden. They are used to increase the beauty and elegance of the entire garden. They may be a shallow waterfall or even a well-designed footpath. The type of a fence will also contribute to the overall look of the garden. It can be designed in a manner that will complement the nature of the garden.

    Roofs can also be included in designing a new garden. They are majorly used to protect the plants. They could also be used in bringing the effects of a greenhouse. They provide relaxation to anyone who finds time to sit in them.

    There are several basic steps that should be taken when preparing any garden. The first step is marking out the land. The next step is clearing the field of any grass and artificial things like plastics and glasses. Digging is the step that follows. Next is preparing the new bed. Spreading manure or the right fertilizer follows according to the soil type. Plant the desired crops and water until they grow well.