• Garden Lighting  

  • Lighting is a necessary part of any garden. It brings out the numerous possibilities that the garden can offer. Lighting is not a reason to alter the beauty of the garden. It should bring out all the best in it.

    Methods used in garden lighting are dictated by the scenery of the lawn as well as the owner’s interests. The most common forms are electricity and solar lighting. Rechargeable and L.E.D lighting is also used. They use very low energy to evenly light up the garden.

    Step Lighting

    Step lighting is considered architectural. This is because it maintains the original effects of the garden as the steps go higher. It also shows the uniformity of the garden to the rest of the surrounding features such as walls.

    Deck Lighting

    There are those who love decks. Simple and uniquely designed lights are used on decks. They are colourful to meet the desires of the owner. They are mounted in different designs and shapes to bring out a specific array of light on the decks.

    Spread Lights

    These are lights that stand on specific points on the garden. They come in the form of erected poles that produce light. They are spread all around the garden and around pavement in order to distribute the lighting evenly. They are low and bring out a pleasant wave of light just above the ground.

    Hanging Lights

    Fences are part of the garden. Specific lighting is needed in order to show the true outline of the entire garden. Hanging lights are used as they can be mounted anywhere along the fence or hedge. They also complete the entire lighting system by complimenting the rest of the garden lights.

    Underwater Lighting

    Pools are incorporated in the garden to bring out a different style and beauty. The water appears colourful and pleasant to view if it is lit. Different methods are used to light the pools. The most unique lighting is use of underwater lights. They glow in the water and make it stand out at the centre of the garden

    Rechargeable outdoor lights

    These are essential in lighting up an outdoor table. They come in various forms, sizes and colours. This helps in lighting the area without the hustle of wiring. They blend in and maintain the colour and outline of the area as well as the rest of the garden lighting. They can also be placed in different points surrounding a pool to compliment the surface of the water.

    Outdoor Spotlights

    Different vegetation complement each other in the garden. It is essential that this effect is maintained at all times. Mounted lights make it possible to shine the light even on trees and tall features in the garden. They spread the light the entire area according to the angle set.

    Garden lighting is can be dictated by vegetation around them. Wall plants and other plants that use the surrounding to climb are well lit by lanterns. They are best placed on walls and other features on and around the garden to give it an ancient look. The lanterns may be halogen or even fluorescent.