• Fencing and Hedging

  • Fencing and hedging are essential elements of any garden. Not just for establishing the boundaries of the garden but also for dividing the garden into different rooms or zones. As part of a garden design they mark the boundary between one part of the garden and the other, setting out the flow through the garden from areas of relaxation to areas of utility such as parking.

    Benefits of Fencing

    As part of a garden design fencing provides many key features

    1. An instant solution; Fencing provides an instant boundary to the garden which can be erected quickly.
    2. Providing improved security and privacy; fencing can quickly improve security and privacy in you garden.
    3. Ease of maintenance; apart from the occasional painting with a preservative fences require minimal maintenance.

    Finally good fences make good neighbors

    Benefits of Hedging

    In contrast to fencing hedging is a natural boundary for a garden, but it can be slower to establish and needs more maintenance with a twice year trim to keep it looking its best.

    The benefits of hedging include

    1. Hedging is lower cost than fencing; Hedging is much more cost effective than the fencing, however it can take many years for a new hedge to establish itself.
    2. More aesthetically pleasing; A well maintained and establish hedge blends into a garden landscape much more effectively than fencing.
    3. Natural and sustainable; hedging is the most sustainable boundary , providing bio-diversity and positive impacts for the environment.

    Types of fencing

    There are wide range of fencing materials we use at Tetbury Garden Services, these can adapted to fit in the style of your garden, be if a traditional Cotswold cottage or a modern contemporary design.

    Close Board Fencing

    Close board fencing ideal for boundary fencing as is strong enough can withstand strong winds. As such is is perfect for exposed gardens that need to create a warmer microclimate.  Close board fencing is even stronger than overlap fencing and provides a strong security screen.

    Close bard fencing

    Overlap Fencing

    Overlap fencing is a perfect and cost effective solution for  boundary marking. Available in many styles and type of wood it is highly adaptable and economic, although not a strong as close board fencing.

    Overlap Fencing

    Garden Trellis

    Trellis can be combined with fencing panels to improve the light into the garden and provide better sight lines. The can also be used on their own to create a frame for climbing plants and provide a framework for climbing plants. As part of a garden design trellis of different sizes can be very flexible at marking out different areas of the garden.

    Garden Trellis

    Picket Fencing

    Picket fencing provides a low and interesting boundary to parts of a garden. Available in a wide range of styles a picket fence offer ultimate flexibility and contrast to planting.


    Post Fencing

    Post fencing is usually used in larger garden to create boundary fencing, it is quick and cost effective to erect. Combined with a simple wire fence if can provide a durable and low maintenance solution.

    Post Fencing

    Different types of hedging

    Hedging is available in so many forms some of our favorites are


    Box hedging creates that perfect structured garden look, however it is a slow growing plant and can be quite expensive, however for a Cotswold garden it is worth the wait.

    Box Hedging


    Yew is another tradition favorite and gives a very structured look, again it is quite slow looking but less expensive than box.

    Yew Hedge


    Laurel is a quicker growing hedge, with a broader leaf structure, faster growing and easier to establish, it prefers drier soils.

    Laurel heding

    Native hedge

    This mixed hedging is a blend of native species and as such is perfect for the native habitat.

    Native Hedging

     Designing Your Hedging and Fencing

    As with all our project our first step is to meet and discuss your requirements. Once we have agreed the best type of hedging or fencing for you garden we prepare the ground thoroughly. To make sure your fence or hedge will have a long life. After planting or erecting we will explain how to maintain your fence or hedge. Alternatively you can make use of our garden maintenance service. So please go get in touch to discuss your needs.