• Paving

  • Quality paving is a key feature of many gardens, it provides a contrast to the planted areas and also essential for weatherproof access to the garden. At Tetbury Garden Services we can design and lay a paved area which provided you will many benefits including

    1. Low maintenance; apart from the occasional cleaning  paved areas provide a low maintenance solution. No weeding or grass cutting.
    2. All weather access; paving provides all weather access across your garden, not just for parking the car, but to parts of the garden in the winter as part of an integrated garden design.
    3. Areas for leisure; Paving provides a flat and relaxing areas to sit outside and appreciates your garden.
    4. Durability; Properly installed  paving will last many years with only a minimal amount of care and maintenance.
    5. Styling; Paving is available in many traditional or complementary styles and materials to blend in with your house and garden.

    Different paving materials

    There are a wide range of paving material to select from, to day, and today's best practice is to consider permeable paving which reduce the amount of water run off for any large area, by letting the water drain through your paving.

    Permeable Paving Types:

    Dry-Laid Pavers: Stone or block pavers laid over a bed of sand is know as dry laying.  Water can then pass between the gaps in the pavers.  These can be laid as a close fit to provide an even and flat surface

    Dry laid pavers

    Brick: Can be used as a porous paver by leaving gaps or spaces between each unit. The clay material will direct water to joints and open spaces.

    Brick Pavers

    Crushed Stone/Gravel: This is the least expensive solution,a dn using local Cotswold stone blends well with the landscape. It is good for walkways in a garden and possibly driveways


    Stone: Flagstone and slate along with other rock can be placed apart with gravel or planting in between.


    Ground reinforcement grids: The provide a strong structure to support a driveway. The reinforcing sheets provide a structure that can be filled with gravel of green planting. They provide a long term and green paving solution.


    Grass Pavers: Grass pavers are another form of permeable paving. A patio or driveway made of grass pavers will closely resemble a lawn. Open cells within the pavers are filled with dirt and then planted with grass seed. These pavers are especially suited for residential driveways because they are designed to carry heavy loads.



    Properly installed paving will last many years. Properly installed paving should have five layers

    These layers are, from top to base...

    1. Paving or Surface Layer; the surface that you see.
    2. Bedding or Laying Course; is essentially a 6-2mm clean hard grit and sand to provide a flat and even surface for the surface.
    3. Sub-base - a 350mm to 350mm permeable aggregate layer, that lets the water flow through from the surface layer.
    4. Sub-grade is dug to 250 to 400mm dug to remove all weeds and soft areas and then compacted.

    Typical 80% of the cost of a paving is in installing these layers, but it is a wise investment as properly laid paving will last for many years.

    At Tetbury Garden Service we will are always happy to discuss your specific needs and the different paving options available.