• Ponds And Water Features

  • Nothing is more enjoyable after a hard day at work or a rare weekend off than being able to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of your own garden. Whether it is sitting quietly with a book enjoying the sunshine, or wondering around the garden pulling a weed here, trimming a shrub there, a garden can be the most relaxing place on earth.

    The options available for your particular garden are almost unlimited. From grass seed or turf to slabs or paving; borders can blend in from the lawn, edged with a variety of styles and materials or the whole bed raised to suit those with back problems. We all have our own ideas of the type of garden we want, for many though one thing is a must, the sound of gently trickling water.

    This too can be obtained from a large variety of sources. Small, medium and large water fountains and features are available. Powered by a small submersible pump and self standing they can be located almost anywhere within the garden and are ideal for those with a small patio or terrace garden.

    Most of these water features however, can be incorporated within a purpose designed and built garden pond. In any garden a pool opens up a whole new area of gardening enjoyment. Big or small, pre-formed, liner or glassed on site, the options available are enormous.

    Your pool design can include a waterfall, cascade or a ‘bog’ area allowing for a bog garden to be established for the myriad of water loving plants available. Plants such as hosta, marsh marigold, flag iris and bogbean, or reeds and rushes can all be grown around pond margins or in a full bog garden.

    A garden pool will have its own eco-system within your garden. Bunches of oxygenating plants, weighed down to drop to the bottom of the pool, will begin to establish themselves by feeding off nutrients in the water, marginal plants sitting on the shelves and water lilies and water hawthorn will send their leaves and flowers to the water surface to provide shade on those hot summer days while floating plants such as water hyacinth can drift around the surface at will.

    The additional birds, insects and wildlife the water feature will attract to bathe and drink, will be all that is required for many. Regularly checking the pool for new life that has been introduced on the legs of bathing birds or animals, or quietly watching dragonflies hovering above the margins while they lay their eggs amongst the plants, provides satisfaction in itself.

    Many though want something extra. To be able to sit by the pool and watch the fish gliding through the water, nibbling on the algae and plants or resting under the shade of a lily leaf. As the weather warms in springtime, a sudden flurry of goldfish and shubunkin, mass spawning amongst the marginal and floating plants, is a joy to behold. Looking into the pool a couple of weeks later, small fry will be seen darting amongst plant roots to feed.

    Yes, a garden pond will open up a whole new area of interest in your gardening activities.