• The gardens are in full bloom and growth at this time of year. The weather this year seems to be a mix of sunny spells and the heavy rain. This is perfect growing conditions for plants, including the flowers lawn and regrettably  the weeds.  So what are the jobs to be getting on with this time of the year.

    Summer pruning

    Late flower shrubs such as jasmine, philadelphus and deutzia  need to be pruned once they have finished flowering.  Hedges need a regular pruning this time of year if they are going to stay in perfect condition. This is especially true of any topiary in your garden that may be shooting out of shape.


    Lawn care is at it's peak this time of year. Regular cutting at the lowest setting and regular feeding will encourage the finer grasses that give you that bolling green look. This year we seem to have a mixture of rain and warm weather which is perfect for maintaining the lawn. The height of the cut many need to increase if we are facing an extended dry spell.


    Most of the planting should be completed by now, you can always in fill with the odd pot grown bloom from the garden centre, but make sure the soil is moist and the new plant is watered in well for the first week.

    Planting maintenance

    Roses will need deadheading and it may be a time for an organic foliar feed to get the best out of you flowers. The weeds are growing like weed at this time of year, and staying on top of the weeding can be a full time jobs in these perfect growing weather.

    Wisteria will need pruning in August if they are to maintain the best for future years.  With lupins, foxgloves, delphiniums and verbascum as soon as the flowers begin to fade, completely remove spent spikes to their base or nearest bud.

    Garden ponds

    Cover ponds with netting to catch falling leaves. Remove large lily leaves which might be covering flowers and remove all weeds from the bog garden. Replace any lost water from the pond.